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2009-08-12, 14:54
Download (http://www.tsukuru.info/sharin/download.php?id=20)
Readme (http://www.tsukuru.info/sharin/)
Project Page (http://tsukuru.info/tlwiki/index.php?title=Sharin_no_Kuni)

Please refer to the readme for installation instructions, translation notes, and more.

This release consists of the first three chapters - approximately 62.5% of the entire game; around 80% is translated at the moment. We currently plan to release the full patch in November.

If you're interested in how much of the game each chapter is, here are some hard numbers: 1: 10.76% 2: 24.01% 3: 27.72% 4: 20.78% 5: 16.73%

Please enjoy.

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2009-08-12, 19:10
Ty moogy. I hope this project will meet the 100% mark = ). Good luck!

2009-08-13, 07:42
Thanks!! TL Wiki!

2009-08-13, 22:48
This is seriously awesome - this title is among the best ones out there, imo, so seeing it released (even if only a teaser for now) is a lot of joy. Hats off to you, and good luck in the future efforts!

2009-08-13, 23:50
nice to know a patch have been released already

further comment after download it...

2009-08-14, 09:17
Here's a review of the game :

I am kind of intrigued now...

2009-08-14, 13:40
Played through the teaser not too long ago and I would have to say I was very impressed. It makes a huge difference reading the text in English than in Japanese. My Japanese is somewhat crappy, although there are some VNs I can play, this one proved quite a challenge because the amount of vocabulary/kanji I know with the language is quite small. Well enough rambling, I just wanted to tell you guys I really appreciate the fact you are taking your time to translate this VN. I wish for a smooth translation for the rest of the game.

There also seems to be a huge number of projects undergoing translation recently compared to a few years ago. It kind of makes me want to learn my Japanese rigorously so I can also start or help a translation project.

2009-09-09, 19:04
Due to popular demand, I have issued another partial patch. This one covers the entirety of chapters 1 and 2 and addresses some various technical and mechanical issues. See the OP of this thread for details and links.

2009-10-03, 20:32
Chapter 3 patch is now out. Chapter 4 will not be issued by itself, since we feel that it's a bit cruel to leave the audience hanging between chapters four and five. Sorry.

2009-10-04, 07:10
Me love you long time.

2009-10-04, 07:31
so this is last partial patch, isn't it?

Hopeful Death
2009-10-04, 08:15
This release consists of the first two chapters

Mine want to fix that to three chapters

2009-10-04, 08:27
so this is last partial patch, isn't it?

Mine want to fix that to three chapters
Oops, my bad.

2009-10-04, 10:00
Excellent work.