View Full Version : Translator Recruiting - Ashita no Kimi to Autame Ni

2009-07-19, 13:15
The AsuKimi translation project is looking for a new translator, as our previous one had to resign due to real life matters. If you're interested in the position, please PM me and I'll send you the script files.

2009-08-27, 06:44
Hi, I believe you have being speaking with my comrade "Izu" about translating this... if you could send me the scripts I want to get started on it straight away. He is currently away but I'd love to get started on this asap, it seems to be a lovely game.

2010-04-27, 23:23
Bumping this because I still need a translator (the previous one disappeared on me.)

2010-06-30, 09:43
I was recently shown this forum by a friend of mine, so if you're still in need of any translators, I'd be happy to do the job.
May I see the text? Since I'm bad with pro stuff like hacking. :P

2010-09-28, 03:40
(Most of) the script is up at TLWiki, if you're still interested. Wish I'd seen this sooner...