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Rasqual Twilight
2009-05-06, 14:04
This is a utility to handle file archives for Toradora P! on PSP.
Format is .dat with "GPDA" magic header.

tenoritool 1.0 alpha
README.txt (http://rsk.twilight.free.fr/ps2/home/tenoritool-1.0alpha.README.txt)
tenoritool-1.0alpha.7z (http://rsk.twilight.free.fr/ps2/home/tenoritool-1.0alpha.7z)

For now, only extracting is supported.

* open "!xp.cmd" in a text editor, edit location of .exe to match extract dir and save.
* Then, copy the "!xp.cmd" to any folder containing *.dat you want to unpack
* Double-click the batch file
* ???
* Profit!

Some files are actually compressed using gzip (file sig “1F-8B-08″). For instance, some GIM files are named abc.gim when they are actually abc.gim.gz data. You may use the command prompt to batch rename them (ren *.gim *.gim.gz) or use specialized tools to do that.

I don't know where the game scenario files are, if they exist.

Also, C# is a quite fun language to program in, but manipulating binary data is quite cumbersome. This project is released under the terms of the MIT license, so you are free to reuse this code in other projects as long as copyright notices are properly reproduced.