View Full Version : Help with .ain extraction (source code included)

2009-04-12, 09:32
Hello, I'm trying to update the .ain file extraction programs to work with the more recent .ain file encoding and I'm lost and would like some help.

Included are the source code files for the previous .ain extraction method and what I think is the key file that Alicesoft's System40 uses to decode the .ain files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as most of you are far better at this than I am. Thank you in advance :)

2009-04-12, 09:43
Takajun is working on Sengoku Rance, so i think that he could help you with the extraction, try to contact him in his IRC channel http://yandere.gray7.com/
IRC channel: #wankotl on irc.irchighway.net