View Full Version : Anyway to unpack Devils Devel Concept's files

2009-03-19, 23:15
The game uses the kirirkiri engine and has .xp3 files, but I haven't been able to find a way to unpack them. These .xp3 files are also accompanied by another file of the same name but it's a .xp3.sig file, which I suspect is why the extraction tools I use aren't working.

Does anyone know of any tools that can extract from these files? I tried copying the .xp3 file itself and move to another folder and extract there, but that didn't work, and with data_xp3_extract_all.exe, when I use it it starts to work and then says 'expected "#01" at position 0x17 but saw "#80" ' and then it quits.

2009-03-19, 23:50
DDC's files are not encrypted or anything. The .sig files are just checksums and can be ignored. Use standard software to deal with the XP3s.

Come on, did you even look at the files in a hex editor or something before asking? >_>

(I have no idea what this 'data_xp3_extract_all.exe' shit is, but if it's not working use a tool that can handle modern xp3 files, like crass or extractdata)

2009-03-20, 07:04
Sorry, I'm still new at this, but thanks for the reccomendations