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2008-11-28, 18:17
Next in the al|together 2008 lineup is the award-winning Crimsoness (original title "灼熱姫") from the game-maker Porn. Yes, really.

The premise is one that you've probably seen so many time before: you have three minutes to finish your school exam and, failing that, destroy the world. Yes, really.

The graphics are amazing, in their own way. In the MS Paint old-school way, that is. Yes, really.

Only a Windows download is available this time, since it's using a custom game engine rather than ONScripter. Enjoy! You'll love it. Yes, really!

Note that the accompanying essays on the site can contain spoilers, so you may want to play it through before reading them. And please remember to use the SPOILER tag if you wish to discuss game strategies in the forum, too.


2008-11-28, 19:11
This game is pretty awesome.

But now my arm hurts. A lot.

2008-11-28, 19:13
This game is pretty awesome.
Totally agree. Seems that you can autoclick by holding the left mouse button down, but I really don't think that fits the spirit, do you?

2008-11-28, 19:16
Oh my god...
Alltogether is back?
Wow! This truely is a day to give thanks! :3

2008-11-28, 19:21
Totally agree. Seems that you can autoclick by holding the left mouse button down, but I really don't think that fits the spirit, do you?
Yeah, I manually clicked all of it. For the RAGE.

2008-11-28, 19:24
I swear, dying is more fun in this game than winning :3

2008-11-29, 07:30
Yes, this game was unexpectedly awesome. I even managed to get a non-VN player to play it.
Besides the obvious things like innovativity and humor, I'd also like to point out how great the music is.
It fits the style perfectly, and is never annoying. ...and it's a 22-second midi file that keeps playing through the entire game. I didn't even notice that. It's very simple as well - just a couple of notes, all of the same length, a simplistic masterpiece. That, and it's damn catchy. (*has already made an enhanced midirip*)

I've got to thank Edward Keyes and Seung Park for translating this awesomeness.
This game is awesome, this game's music is awesome, this game's style is awesome, this game's bizarreness is awesome, and the guy who made this game is awesome.

2008-11-29, 12:03
It was interesting, but after dying 10 times I just got frustrated. How did everyone figure out how to live?

2008-11-29, 12:15
I won't give you a step-by-step guide, but a nice thing to keep in mind:

You can kill the statue in the art room if you only have your rage charged to twenty. This will add about eighty or ninety to your rage gauge, so you won't have to worry about dying again.

2008-11-29, 12:48
I'll post a step-by-step guide.

NOTE: to split the earth (and get the ending), you only need like 150 rage. You only have to do everything completely in the right order to kill Iteko/listen to his full monologue.

First of all, you get the door event. This requires 10 rage, and you will get 10 rage for completing it. HOWEVER, if you do this before your maximum rage reaches 50, it will stop automatically increasing at 50 - if you wait for it to reach 50, this bonus will make it go to 60.

Recommended playing order:
-Hourglass (when time runs out)**

*If you don't wait for the rage meter to reach 50 before smashing the door, reverse these two. You won't have enough power to complete the Gym otherwise.
**Only do this if you have done everything in order, and have 255 rage.

-Smash the person with 30 or more rage.
You gain 15 rage for this.

-Smash the crocodile with 75 or more rage. If you don't have enough rage, this will result in death.You gain 10 rage for this.

-Smash the statue with 20-29 rage. Less will be a regular failure, more will result in death.
This TRIPLES your rage. So the more rage you have when you do this, the more rage you get as a result.

-Smash the hourglass with exactly 255 rage. Less will result in death.
You will no longer be bothered by the timer.

-If you haven't shattered the hourglass, just smash Iteko with any amount of rage (even 0 works) and get out.
-If you have shattered the hourglass, listen to Iteko's monologue. It's more than 3 minutes long, so it would normally kill you. You don't even need to smash the guy at this point.
You gain nothing for this, but it's nice if you want to do everything in the game ^_^

-Go for it.
-Smash the ground with at least 10 rage. One crack appears.
-Smash the ground with at least 20 rage. More cracks appear.
-Smash the ground with at least 30 rage. Lots of cracks appear.
-Smash the ground with at least 75 rage. The screen is filled with cracks.
-Smash the ground with at least 150 rage. The earth splits in two.
You will now reach the ending.

2008-11-29, 13:21
Thank you so much!

2008-12-07, 22:31
...This has music? I hate these headphones so very, very much.

On the other hand, this game was a ton of fun.