View Full Version : [Release] Ballad of an Evening Butterfly Version 1.5e

2008-11-16, 03:25
It's newer! It's sexier! It's... just a rerelease. But a shiny one.

I've decided to go back and rerelease some older works with PONScripter, and of course, as my favorite, Ballad of an Evening Butterfly was the first. Fonts that are much more fitting (MULTIPLE fonts, gasp), and I've made a few translation and script tweaks here and there. The OSX installer is prettier too, ooo.

Project page:

I left the original ONScripter release up, in case there were people who couldn't run PONScripter or had trouble with it (though it should work in most cases).

There's now also a little extra mini story linked at the bottom of the project page; it was a tiny short story ZigZag wrote last year and only linked to from their blog. I translated it this week for fun.

I do plan on redoing all the ZigZag works, and as for the other releases (which aren't many)... we'll see. A Dream of Summer is very much up in the air right now, since that would take a lot more work to port to PONS. Expect a complete overhaul of the translation of The noose when I do that one, though >>;; eyaugh.

So, uh... enjoy, and bask in the sexiness that is PONScripter. (Note to self: Redo site layout soon... stop being lazy...)

2008-11-16, 08:07
Always nice to red red red red red see a rerelease of everyone's favourite red red red red red artistic visual novel. This is typically one of the red red clawing biting tearing gouging red red red titles that I end up recommending people red red red red red red because it's basically a heck of a lot of fun to red red red red read through. Nice work. The new release looks great. red red red red red

2008-11-17, 09:16
Awesomeness XD Glad this came out before I started reading 1.0

2008-12-09, 07:53
Thank you very much for the re-release! The font looks very pretty. And I like how the sound effects have different fonts.

Oh, and out of curiosity, I was just wondering if there might be any chance that you are planning on translating the full version of Sombre Dimanche and the sequel to Yachokitan once they are out. And if so, I'm wondering how it's going to work, since I notice that Zigzag are planning to sell the two games online or something?

And by the way, I like the new layout of your site!

2008-12-10, 15:30
Thanks! It's so much fun rereleasing these in PONScripter, since I can play around with multiple fonts :3

I do plan on translating the full releases of both—I've actually been meaning to contact them and ask if there will be a way for overseas customers to order them. I'll post here when I know more :o

And I'm glad you like the layout—thanks!

2008-12-10, 18:51
Where can we get the source for these builds of PONScripter?

2008-12-10, 20:22
I don't have the sources, but I got the builds from Haeleth, so I'm sure he'd be glad to provide them if you drop him an email :]

Katsu Koneko
2008-12-28, 15:26
Thanks for translating this awesome story. ^w^

It was well worth the lags I kept experiencing. xD

The "red red red red red" parts were weird, but still unique. xD

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2009-07-07, 23:52
I liked the rerelease a lot. Very nice.

Ubjrire, va gur raqvat, V gubhtug V fnj va gur bevtvany Wncnarfr gung Lbeh QVQA'G ybbx onpx ng Fren naq Pubh. "Shevxnrenanxnggn."

2009-07-12, 08:37
@Unregistered: Rex, lbh'er evtug. Zhfg'ir orra na byqre genafyngvba reebe gung V zvffrq va gur frpbaq cnff. Jryy... ng yrnfg vg'f abg fbzrguvat cybg-funggrevat.

2009-08-12, 19:22
Is it possible to have mp3's of the game music? I really like it, but don't wanna play over and over again just to get to my favourite part ><