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2008-10-17, 11:25
Having girls from Shuffle!, Da Capo 2 or Clannad as your partners??? Almost didn't believe my eyes.

This seems like one interesting online game. But I want to know more about it. Can anybody out please there tell me more about this online game???

2008-10-17, 12:21
Hmm I got this number do you know what is next step.
Then will inform me by email when I can sign up or what?

2008-10-17, 16:59
Some quick thoughts:

- The heroines from the VNs aren't actually present in the game (at least, not yet). It's populated by generic characters dressed in the uniforms from the three VNs.

- Right now, you can only get into the game if your entry number is 60,000 or below. The cutoff number should rise in time. You don't get an email when this happens, though.

- Gameplay seems to consist of running around the game's three 'islands' (each containing a market, a school and a set of apartments based on the setting in one of the three VNs) and performing basic fetch quests.

- One particularly annoying thing about this is that the game forces you to go back and report to the quest-giving NPC each time you finish one, essentially making things take twice as long as they should.

- Completing the fetch quests can earn you some of the game's currency, a computer, a pen and pad or some drafting paper. The game's currency can be spent on accessories, but all the decent stuff is either crazy-expensive, or requires a separate nico-nico currency, which you need to purchase with real money. All the other stuff is for the creation and viewing of 'dramas', which I gather are little scenarios users can write and download.

- There's some basic customisation you can do at the start with your avatar, but you don't get much of a say in the initial design for your doll. The doll follows you around and says the odd thing, but isn't otherwise useful or interesting. I found myself leaving it in my apartment most of the time, since it tended to trigger some weird bugs (with which the game is still filled).

2008-10-17, 20:25
So somebody makes a shitty mmo under the vague pretense of appealing to VN fans, and decides to 'subtly' advertise it here? We should be flattered.

2008-10-17, 23:09
I wonder if this will last longer than Tokimemo Online... They were advertising this at Anime Expo, even though most people there wouldn't be able to play it XD

2008-10-18, 19:31
So somebody makes a shitty mmo under the vague pretense of appealing to VN fans, and decides to 'subtly' advertise it here? We should be flattered.

Nah, I doubt hes official.

Circus was advertising it at AX but Circus was doing lots of strange things there.

2008-10-20, 18:04
It doesn't look like a title or a game that will hit the U.S. or any other country but still it might be worth trying if people can read it.

The graphics is not bad and the background is pictureque. Since I am a fan of all those VN and anime I would consider trying it out if I get the chance.