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Rasqual Twilight
2008-09-06, 03:44

I need help with getting files out of a PlayStation 2 game, but it seems the disc was purposely crippled to show only a limited set of files, namely :

SLPM_665.84 (ELF executable)

Those amount to a bit more that 1 MB, far below the track size (4+ GB).

(The game is 夜明け前より瑠璃色な - Brighter than dawning blue, BTW)

My guess would be that the IOPRP library is responsible for preparing a normal copy of the filesystem, but I don't really get its mechanism.

The game executable does reference movie files (.pss) as well as relatively standard IRX modules. There seems to be no hidden filesystem that would reference them, as seen in School Days LxH.

The engine sig is:
"ADV System Development by S-NEO co.,ltd.

From what I gathered through Google, there is a similar layout in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (E).

Can anyone help?

2008-09-28, 21:57
The probable reason is that the Joilet file table is purposively messed up.

In order to reach your files:

0. Dump your CD (DVD) into ISO image.
1. Google for IsoBuster tool. ;)
2. Open your ISO image with it and set view to ISO9660 directory structure.

With 50% of possibility, you will see and extract all needed files.

Rasqual Twilight
2008-10-04, 04:46
As I said, the disc contents seem to hold no reference of the hidden files.
When viewing with IsoBuster, the ISO9660 and the Joliet descriptors show the same files. When I perform a deep scan using the 'Find files and folders' command in IsoBuster, it won't find anything more than guessing the .pss sig (seen as MPEG-2 .vob).