View Full Version : [Release]Ever17 - Special Edition (Russian)

2008-08-30, 09:30
Finally, after 1.7 years (jokes aside - it started 2007/02/17 ^_^), we're (WKS (http://wks.arai-kibou.ru) & SanLtd Team (http://sanltd.ru)) happy to announce: it's finished, and the first public beta (RC0 was released at 2008/09/01.

This is a complete translation (executable files + script + optional set of GUI \ Event CG \ Background CG + documentation (more complete in many aspects)). It also includes softsubbed video + optional romajised karaoke (no translation yet) for both opening and ending.

It's completely compatible with Infinity Plus \ DVD PE and HIRAMEKI's releases. The installer size is approx. 4.8 Mb.

Project page is here (http://wks.arai-kibou.ru/ever17.php).

2008-08-30, 10:36
This is so awesome :3 Great job guys!

2008-08-31, 15:57
So the day one certain persistent prophet kept telling me about finally came >_<

2008-09-01, 11:36
And thus my russian studies shall be kick-started.