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2008-08-14, 02:13
Though this game translation has started about 1/2 a year ago, i'm currently got problem of repacking things back to *.arc. i've kept searching for program that can repack things back to *.arc with 0 result of success. That's why i put H2O in hiatus. anybody know how to repack things to *.arc??

2008-08-14, 10:12
What engine is used in your game? Since there's plenty of games with .arc files, but the most of them aren't the same archive format.

Rasqual Twilight
2008-08-14, 10:45
.arc is BGI (Buriko General Interpreter) AFAICT

2008-08-14, 11:28
.arc is BGI (Buriko General Interpreter) AFAICT

.ARC is not necessarily BGI at all, like dsp said. After all, Majiro uses it.

However, yes, H2O is indeed BGI/Ethornell. Considering some people are translating BGI titles, someone knows how to do it, even if the tools aren't publically available.

2008-08-14, 20:15
:) AnimED (see my homepage) is capable of creating the BGI .arc files (misnamed as "Burriko" type -- was added for working with KiraKira (from the Zagevalo's words, i don't really know what game engine it uses) half-year ago, but the _file level_ compression wasn't implemented, since the translation was dropped).

If the game scripts weren't compressed from the beginning, you may try it to merge your files into new archive. However, it wasn't added "officially" at TLWiki as "supported" because it wasn't tested by myself. ^_^'

P.S. I'm still wondering if crass tool dev team will create the universal multipacker, as mine is actually so crappy, coz it uses no disassembled code from the games -- only what i was able to figure out by looking at the files in HEX editor. *heavy blush*

2008-08-15, 02:15
so... anybody know the program or any freeware to pack it?

2008-08-17, 06:59
Maybe you can try Crass.

The writer have made tools successfully repacked the "夜明け前より瑠璃色な" (Yoake).then send out source code for unpacking BGI in the full translation patch.

A Simp. Chinese translation group has released a translation patch demo this April, and it works well.

I can't find the way to contact the hacker in their group,for the fourm they stay is impossible to regstier. (especially during Olympics,and the quesion is too hard to answer.) But their technical support must be the writer of Crass. And H2O can be found in its Support List.

The writer's ID's 痴漢公賊, you can never find his ID on Baidu, he shows IP only.

I can't find more useful info now, for My DVD Drive is seriously damaged and all this patches are unavilable right now.Being a Chinese with poor English, I may bring you more information about translation progress on mainland China.

KiraKira uses BGI, this can be confimed in the Readme of Crass.

BGI is stand for "Burriko General Interpreter".so AnimED makes no mistake.

2008-08-17, 16:38
As far as I know, arctool should be able to unpack and repack .ARC files from Buriko General Interpreter/Ethornell. That doesn't help you with extracting and inserting script files, though.

2008-08-22, 22:57
After days of appoch, I finally rigestered in their forum, find The Programmer who works on unpacking and repacking BGI. He joined both the translation project of H2O And YoakemaeyoriRuriirona.

The script used in repacking was not standalone,It was with contorlling characters.
He repacked and debuged the scripts so many times that it made him mad.

Here's some informations of the Programmer:
His ID is Lighting .
His Email:
LiselsiaCesarini (at) qq (dot) com

2008-08-23, 21:45
just how much does the H2O has progressed? i do to much break from working it due to real life shit!