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2008-08-10, 22:27
Hi there

I would like to ask, if anyone figured out, how to disassemble and recompile the SEEN file of Little Busters! EX.
I messed around a bit with RLDev, but couldn't get it done.

Reason is, since last week I'm trying to play through the game (Tokido-Route), while writing every line I figured out into a big text file. It's the first time I do something like that with my very basic japanese grammar knowledge + RikaiChan.
And now I'm thinking about putting it into a SEEN for me, so I have an end-product when I'm done with it - since I'd like to replay it without thinking an eternity about every line.
By now I have about 4000 lines, which are really, really messy. But all put together they should roughly give the right impression about what's said, I think.

Well, I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance. :)

P.S. because I feel like going into masochism mode:

"Aaah, that's right! I'm trying to play through a huge game, without even knowing all the grammar! Pathetic, don't you think!? What idiocy, huh!? Yeah, it's okay to laugh! Ahaahahahaha! Now, laugh!
(I hope someone even gets the joke)

2008-08-11, 01:36
Has anyone had a play with LB!EX ?
I personally figured that it would be the same format as LB! (which didn't really change the SEEN format that much), but maybe not..

I've got LB! EX but haven't had the inclination to look closely at it.

2008-08-11, 02:35
It could be that it's the same as in LB.
When I tried to disassemble it, the error message said something like "not a binary file".
Well, I think I'll try it again this evening. Maybe I missed some parameters / additional procedures. I'm not really experienced in things like hacking VNs.

2008-08-11, 02:39
The problem is RLDev is a little bit out of date, and isn't totally capable of handling newer titles. Unfortunately, unless someone else has already done something for LB!/LB!EX, custom coding will be needed.

EDIT: Okay, I had a quick peek - crass can extract the SEENs from LB!EX's SEEN.TXT. I'd assume that the rldev decompiler thingy or whatever will work on these just fine. (the crass thread (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35449))

2008-08-11, 10:00
Thanks a lot for the information.
I now was able to extract the SEEN.txt's. If I'm not mistaken, I would now need to disassembly them into text and Kepago files?
I tried to with kprl, but I still get this "not a bytecode file" error. Well, maybe I don't get around a bit of custom coding after all.