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2008-07-21, 06:25
Hi everyone !

I'd like to launch a project for French translation, so I need someone who can change the seen.txt into an UTF file and then change it again so as to be able to play with the translated file.

(I tried to do it by myself with RLDEV but I failed)

If you're interested in this project please contact me by mail garyash[ at ]hx2.fr

Thank you a lot

2008-08-05, 09:08
Well, you can convert txt files to UTF-8 and Unicode using the Notepad. If the engine supports those kind of encoding (Wich is probably the cas.) you should have no problem.

En français :) (Plus complet.)
Tu peux convertir le fichier .txt en UTF-8 ou Unicode en utilisant simplement le Bloc-note de Windows. Si les locales de ton système ne sont pas en Japonais, ouvre notepad.exe en utilisant AppLocale (Notepad.exe est dans C:/WINDOWSpar défaut.)
Ensuite, avec le Bloc-note ouvert avec les locales japonaises, ouvre ton fichier, fait Enregistrer Sous puis, dans le bas de la fenêtre, tu as "Encodage" ou un truc du style. Tu sélectionne UTF-8 et voila :)

2008-08-09, 03:54
kprl -d your_file -e utf-8 -o out_folder
cd out_folder

for %a in (*.utf8) do rlc -e utf8 -v %a
kprl -a seen.txt *.txt

... I think.
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2009-03-26, 19:33
I'm interested in the french translation (http://www.fastfrenchtranslation.com/) . I want to do translation this file. Can I see it? I want to do. Thanks million.