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Richard 23
2007-10-27, 13:53
Quite awhile back I wrote a perl script that successfully applied the voice patch for Air SE, using the data that came with the voice patch for the original game. Basically it searches through the decompressed SEEN files and figures out where to insert the commands to play the voice samples.

It worked and all was well. And there was much rejoicing.

However, I have since been wanting to save some disk space. When I extracted the voices to WAV files (uncompressed) the resulting 17,632 files consumed 1.7 gb. I'd recently wondered why I didn't use the mp3 compression to get smaller files using vAVG32 to save some space, so I tried that last night. At 32kbps the voice files take only 166 mb. That's quite a savings!

However, Air SE comes with REALLIVE (rather than an AVG32 variant) and it doesn't seem to be able to play WAV files with mp3 compression.

This has probably been addressed before, but does REALLIVE not have the ability to play these compressed files?

It would be really nice to be able to use that 1.5 gb for something else and still have my voiced Air installed.


Perhaps someone could add the answer to this in the tutorial (http://forums.visualnews.net/showthread.php?t=6600) for installing voice patches, as someone is likely to ask a similar question again.


P.S. Looking forward to that Clannad translation. I'm glad that people are hard at work on that.

2007-10-27, 19:07
Since you've converted it to work with RealLive, then why not just use OGG? From what I remember, RealLive system supports OGG format.

Try this multi OGG converter http://www.afterdawn.com/software/alternative_platforms/linux_software/oggdrop_encoder.cfm
All you have to do is drag and drop... not really sure what your source format is but I've tried it with uncompressed WAV files...

Richard 23
2007-10-27, 20:14
Hey, why didn't I think of that? Thanks a bunch.

EDIT: It worked! I saved about 1 gb. My hard drive thanks you.

EDIT 2: In case anyone else wants to do this, I used these settings for ogg: Quality 1.0, Bitrate 80.0kbps and got the size down to 216 mb. The voices sound great at this setting and they could probably just as well be set to a lower bitrate.

Richard 23
2007-11-04, 18:17
I finally got around to finishing the voice patch I started back in January.


Air Standard Edition (installed)
voice files (obviously)
12.5 mb of disk space

If it works as intended, it will decompile SEEN.TXT, patch the script files (SEENnnnn.ke), and re-compile the modified scripts back into the game directory. The temporary files will be deleted when the script completes.

The script uses an ini file to set the game directory, the rldev directory and the temp directory.

Also, you can specify a folder containing translated sjs files and it will include those during compilation.

If anyone uses it, I'd appreciate some feedback (the good and the bad). There is more info in the read me. And remember this is a development version, so anything can happen but probably shouldn't!


2009-10-31, 13:19
Well, I know this is quite old, but I have only just started playing Air, and used this method to install the voice patch, and I figured I wouldn't lose anything posting some comments, and maybe someone could even use the info.
The patch works well, though in order to install it the folder must not have spaces in its name (which maybe is obvious to everybody else, but wasn't to me).
However, it seems the voiced version has more dialog than SE; nearing the end of the first day (when Misuzu enters the shed where you sleep), there's a line more, and after that every voice is one place after the phrase it should be on. It fixes near the end of the day, though I don't know it it also happens at other times, since I've only played the first day (maybe at the H scenes?).
Not that I'm complaining, but maybe others who would like to play Air would want to know this, and maybe someone knows and is interested in fixing this.

2011-12-26, 19:47
hey, so it seems that i have some troubles installing voice files to Air Standard Edition in Japanese. first of all, i got the game from isohunt.com. after the game is installed, there is a WAV file which i believe there are already voice files in there. i followed every step u've (Richard 23) showed but still see no progress. i've spent 2 days working on it but nothing seemed to happen, except i only managed to extract tons of SEEN documents in the PL file from ur patch. its hard to explain how i failed to install, but i will be appreciated if u can give me a hand. this post is just a heads up signal, since i cannot tell if the host is here. just give a simple reply so that next time i can get ready earlier. i'll be this site time by time. much thanks!

2011-12-26, 22:36
ok guys here's a new problem. so i randomly googled a voice patch, and it contained 26 folders with number labled on each folder. all the stuff inside are ogg files, and i kinda dragged them to the AIR_SE directory on C drive. applying the tons of decompressed SEENs from the PL file in ur patch, i tested the game and i started to hear voices. i felt quite delighted, except i wanna know why the main protagonist yukito's voice cannot be heard? plus when i tried to fast skip the dialogues by pressing the left control key, the character's voices started mixing together instead of following their corresponded sentences. though it was not too much big of a deal, i would still like to hear some suggestions for imporvements. no rush and thx!

2012-02-12, 04:47
hey there... I recently downloaded the air se voice patch

After few days of preaparations I managed to get it to work but my only problem is that I have the voice files from the PS2 ver. not the DC ver. (couldn't get it anywhere).
The PS2 ver. is fully voiced (incl. Yukito).

It seems that it's working but whenever it tries to play the voice in-game I get an error like:


Any ideas pls??

I'll try to get the DC voices somehow maybe it works out
Thx in advance

2012-02-12, 11:00
It's me again
You can ingore my last post... I managed to get a voiced AIR_SE iso from a torrent.
So no patching needed

Cheers to the uploader :) I'll be seeding as much as possible

search for this hash in any BT engine
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2012-02-12, 22:24
Lucius: Please do not discuss the use of illegally acquired software. Do that someplace else.