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2007-10-15, 18:58
It may be an incredibly stupid question, but I'll ask it anyway: anybody knows what's the matter with Kira –snowdrop- doujin? It's been in this "waiting on approval from original creator" state for ages, but as far as I know some people actually read this work. Is there a slightest chance that the game will be available for download before we, the unfortunate ones who didn't read the novel, get old and die? =)

2007-10-15, 19:10
It's still awaiting approval from the original creator, AFAIK. I don't think permission has been granted to release a translation; therefore the translation is being withheld, most likely indefinitely.

2007-10-16, 00:22
Register and you might get a PM. *cough*

Just sayin'... ;)

2007-10-25, 05:51
Kira is the best al|together game (other than Narcissu), in my opinion, so it's a shame that Haeleth took it off.

2007-11-17, 19:44
Haeleth-san, I just noticed that the tinsmith site was updated in September (after a break of 4 years OTZ), albeit by the programmer Hanny rather than 紺屋. If no reply has come yet maybe there'll be better luck if a message was sent now?