View Full Version : Kimi ga Nozomu Eien And Issues With rUGP

2007-09-13, 18:39
A friend of mine is trying to play KgNE and unfortunately seems to run into problems with something called rUGP. He seems to have the files without error, but when he runs them, something about rUGP.exe stops him.

Anybody have Kimi ga Nozomu Eien or Muv-Luv? And if so...have you encountered issues with rUGP, whatever it is? It's really bothering the guy.

2007-09-14, 03:31
Your friend might have not installed the game correctly. I've encountered problems when installing the game in non-Japanese environment, which some of the files were missing after installation. But you can of course copy those missing file by yourself from the disc.

2007-09-14, 15:25
rUGP is the name for Age's proprietary engine. The game exe seems to be some thing that invokes rUGP.

If your friend is running vista, the official line from Age is that the games before Muvluv: Altered Fable are not supported on vista. I have seen some users reports that say certain later games work on the vista x86 RCs in some conditions... but they definitely don't work on vista x64.

It seems to be a copy protection issue since my LE of Alternative never came with copy protection and plays fine... I play the broken games on a XP installation under VM...

If it's blowing up on XP, reinstall is probably the way to go.

2008-06-24, 11:32
Okay, and what about an error message with rugp with "main.rsx.." Looks like that the problem with this corrupt file or something like this.