View Full Version : a question about rldev and rlbabel

2007-09-03, 04:11
Some friends and I want to translate tomoyo-after into Chinese.
We used the plugin "rlbabel" and it really worked.
However,when I skip the text with the "ctrl" in the game,
the characters in the text became unrecognize code.

Another problem..
When I start new game,the text are all in Chinese,
but when I load game,the text are all in unrecognize code.

I'm not good at English,it someone can understand what I said,please help me.
Thank you! :)

2007-09-03, 22:19
It'd be helpful if you stated out your settings for rldev and rlbabel, i.e. the modifications done to gameexe.ini and the SEEN scripts. When I was using the very-old-and-deprecated version of rlbabel on Tomoyo After, it didn't seem to have the problems above.

I wouldn't recommend anyone starting a Chinese translation project on Tomoyo After from scratch all over again, since Key Fans Club claimed to have done translating the scenarios about a year ago. It is a fact that they haven't release anything yet, but starting a new project on this game sure is a waste of resource. Why not contact them and see if there's a chance of cooperation anyway?