View Full Version : Problems with "A Dream of Summer"

2007-09-02, 11:41
I got the "A Dream of Summer" HTTP, and found that you can take screenshots of the game. I did so, and when I looked for them, they weren't even in the ados folder. the readme says to look in the directory "data\ss" for the sreenshots, and I searched my computer for "data\ss", and get nothing! If you have/had the "A Dream of Summer" HTTP, and have taken and used screenshots, please tell me how!

2007-09-03, 11:54
Yes, it does indeed work- since the new ONScripter builds store the saved game files, etc. in a different folder, that's why you're not finding it in the game folder. In OSX, it's under Library/Preferences/A Dream of Summer Data... I assume it'll be something similar in windows. In any case, the screenshots will be saved in the "ss" folder in the folder where the saved data is stored.

2007-09-03, 14:19
I found an ADOS folder under "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data". It was a hidden file, for some strange reason. When I looked in it, all I found was a ReadMe that didn't at all help the situation. Could this folder be it? And, if so, where's the "ss" folder?

2007-09-03, 14:24
I finally found the "ss" file! Thank you so much!! You've been a big help.

2007-09-03, 17:58
If you still can't find it, try searching for "save1.dat" if you've got a save file in the first slot. It'll find the folder that's in, which should have the ss folder as well.