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2007-09-01, 10:29

I have a problem editing tlg images in Fate/Stay nights that uses kirikiri engine. I can convert .tlg images in 24 bits bmp's ones with susie 347b with the .tlg plugin.

Later, made the changes in the image(from 24 bits to 32 and defining alpha channel), I convert again the .bmp with TVP(kirikiri) graphic converter included in Kiri Kiri 2.29 KDE pack to tlg5 and i add it to the .xp3 file where i extracted it.

The problem is that the game doesn't recognize the image when it have to use it and displays the following message:


I think the cause could be:

I don`t set properly the settings in kiriki graphic converter(is in japanese and I don´t understand it :( )
Maybe the image lost some specific information when is translated wich without it doesn´t work in the game
Maybe there there is a problem with the alpha channel or the color depth (it seems that TLG is a special .bmp image with 32 bits of color depth and an alpha channel)

Anybody can help me? I have used xp3-tools by insani, in which readme the author said that for image editing exists some betha toolss...anybody know anything?

Thank you and sorry for my english :) if anyone knows spanish...

2008-01-02, 12:48
I imagine you are using the latest version (or at least what at the time was the latest version) of the KiriKiri SDK. Fate/stay night was made with version Even though the version number for the graphic converter is the same in both the latest and the old version, they made some changes since then which apparently are not backwards compatible.

Go to http://kikyou.info/tvp/files/ and download "kr219b15.lzh", that is the same version of the SDK that was used to build Fate/stay night. The graphic converter there only has one TLG option, and as long as you feed it 32-bit BMPs, PNGs, other TLGs or JPGs, it'll convert them to the proper format. I just finished playing around with it and managed to do this:


So it was just a matter of having too new a tool :D