View Full Version : How to turn on debug mode in "Little Busters!"?

2007-08-15, 06:14
Does anybody know how to turn back on the built-in debug mode in "Little Busters!"? Simply inserting #MEMORY and #DEBUG_MESSAGE_LOG doesn't do the job.
Something must have been keeping the system from entering the debug mode. But what could it be? Can RealLive script be compiled to a non-debug-mode version? I thought there's only an option to stripe out the debug messages in SEENxxxx.txt, but not stopping the whole debug mode itself. Or is there any options in GAMEEXE.INI that conflicts with the two options mentioned above?
Tried the same executable in other VA games, and the built-in debug mode works. So it can't be the interpreter's ( problem.

2007-08-17, 22:32
Erase to Follow Line;

And, Add Line '#MEMORY=1'

2007-08-18, 00:06
Cool! That worked. Thx alot man~~
BTW, what do those 3 parameters mean, respectively?