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2007-08-08, 09:43
Anyways, today, the entire NYC area has been hobbled this morning due to a nasty storm. Tree branches snapped up everywhere, a few roofs actually got torn up in Bay Ridge... so I'm home for the day, and am quite bored.

So for fun, let's share news about comike goodies! What company's putting out what spiffy stuff and I'll be wasting money on auctions later, and emergency preorders now...

Cotton-soft is putting out full OSTs of Natsumegu and Reconquista. Previously those were only available as Sofmap preorder goodies... But, the crowning item, is "Celes's 100 gag rapid succession CD" 100 puns of doom! =3 all for only 3000Y...

Stage-nana is putting out a Narcissu visual fan book, 48 pages of full color data and stuff, at a mere 1000Y, also to be sold in shops. -- If anyone manages to get to comike and buys one, Kataoka has mentioned he found a few old wind chimes from Ramune that he'd like to get rid of, so if anyone wants, they should ask on that day... Wish I could go..

2007-08-08, 11:55
I wish I had the money for comiket goods. August is such a bad month for me...

2007-08-08, 14:40
God damnit..., someone give me that "Little World" (http://www.littlewitch.jp/special/2007/20070714/c72.html) artbook

2007-08-08, 17:03
Didn't someone say that Little Busters OST would be released first at Comike?
Wonder what other goodies KEY will have >.>

2007-08-08, 17:45
Type-Moon's got a whole slew of stuff they're selling.


One being the Crossover Drama CD featuring Tsukihime/Melty Blood, Fate stay/night & hollow/ataraxia, Shiki from Kara no Kyoukai, and Jouji Nakata (yes, he gets his own section for having voiced SO MANY dark characters in Type-Moon works)

I WANT THIS CD! ;_; Especially if they have Shiki Tohno meet Shiki Ryohgi! Another reason is if they used Maaya Sakamoto as Shiki Ryohgi (her seiyuu for the Kara no Kyoukai movies that are coming out starting in December) get to hear how she portrays her differently from Tomoko Kawakami. Not a great shock factor as hearing the seiyuu whom I associate with Misuzu-chin and Sayurin playing a psychotic killer tomboy but it'll be interesting ;)

Ja, ne

2007-08-09, 00:11
Narcissu I'll hopefully pick up in stores when I go over there later. Otherwise, there are probably a couple doujins/artbooks I'll waste extravagantly on :(

2007-08-09, 01:43
I'll probably be looking for the Little Busters! OST on YJA and as well as the items for the Clannad movie.


2007-08-09, 04:10
wind chimes? You mean those ones that has two little fishes in it?

2007-08-09, 10:26
I'll be arriving just a week or so late for Comiket, but I'm happy the Narcissu fanbook will be sold in shops as well so I'll still have a chance to get one. I just hope they print enough that I'll be able to snag one when I arrive.

2007-08-09, 11:00
Well, for me as usual hunt on Yahoo Japan after comiket. Or are there any import shops selling those stuff?

2007-08-15, 20:17
There goes another $60.

Must get Nitro Royal - Heroines Duel (http://www.nitroplus.co.jp/pc/lineup/into_14/)!

I mean, when else am I going to pit the gragnpyr loli Saya against the couple thousand year old loli book Al Azif!

2007-08-15, 23:49

the new Touhou is gunna git released too.

Zombie Miko Reimu lawl

2007-08-18, 23:24
sigh, I always hated comiket always spend tooooo much cash. Close to 400 dollars now, damn auction services fees

2007-08-19, 21:28
God damnit..., someone give me that "Little World" (http://www.littlewitch.jp/special/2007/20070714/c72.html) artbook

Hehe. Same person who produced the Quartett artwork. I rather like the baroque style. Not a huge fan of the loli-ish-ness of it, but its good work. I'd like to find out who created the Granado Espada artwork myself.

Also, if you really need it, I may be able to help you find what you're looking for...

2007-08-20, 15:23
I've already got a copy coming in myself. Should be here in a couple days or less.

2007-09-09, 10:49
Some of my Comiket72 purchases arrived and for those interested I thought to share some pictures with for those interested...
Some of those images are probably not safe for work though.

• Hinoue Itaru - SOLDIER FROG Comiket72 Full Set:
- blue & WHITE (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_32.jpg) - As she already announced back in Hachimitsu (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/140707_15.JPG) (release for ComiComi11) blue is a Doujin for Little Busters! while WHITE is focused on the Kyoto Animation Kanon TV Anime adaption - both brilliant as to be expected from Itaru-sensei
- Sample shot of WHITE (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_30.jpg)
- Sample shot of blue (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_31.jpg)
- SOLDIER FROG x DAIZU-AZUKI Lucky☆Star Doujin Telecard Set (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_29.jpg) - Left card illustrated by Kuroda Akimi and the card shown on the right by Itaru-sensei

• Little Busters! Original Soundtrack
- Box shot (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_11.jpg)
- The Disc set itself (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_10.jpg)

• Na-Ga - from-D Comiket72 Doujin:
- Usotsuki (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_34.jpg) - Another TYPE-MOON themed Doujin by Kenzy / Na-Ga at last ^_~
- Sample shot of Usotsuki (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_33.jpg)

• Naru Nanao / Kokonobi - Ice & Choco Comiket72 Full Set:
- SAILOR STYLE (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_26.jpg)
- Backside of SAILOR STYLE (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_20.jpg)
- Sample shot of SAILOR STYLE (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_21.jpg)
- Ice & Choco Comiket72 Postcard Book (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_22.jpg)
- Ice & Choco Comiket72 Set Bag Side A (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_25.jpg)
- Ice & Choco Comiket72 Set Bag Side B (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_24.jpg)
- Ice & Choco Comiket72 Set Goods (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_23.jpg)

• Muririn (Kuro Neko Kan) & Kobuichi (Chatsune) Comiket72 Doujin:
- Caramel Ribon (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_38.jpg)
- Backside of Caramel Ribon (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_37.jpg)
- Little Busters! themed Sample shot of Caramel Box (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_36.jpg)
- Sample shot #2 of Caramel Ribon (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_35.jpg)

• Ryukishi07 - 07th Expansion Comiket72 Publication:
- Umineko no Naku Koro ni & Tora no Ana Bonus Booklet (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_28.jpg)
- Sample shot of the Booklet (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_27.jpg)

And in case there are some Nanoha fans here I may include these pics as well (if not excuse me for posting them ^_~):
• Nanoha StrikerS Project Comiket72:
- Nanoha Strikers Settei Shiryoushuu SIDE A (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_19.jpg) - Guess it's pretty obvious what the Nanoha team will come up for Winter Comiket 07 then if they already attach the SIDE A in big bold letters on the cover ^_~
- Sample shot #1 (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_16.jpg)
- Sample shot #2 (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_17.jpg)
- Sample shot #3 (http://dragonautics.co.at/pub/media/080907_18.jpg)

My other Comiket72 purchases are supposed to follow in about a month so if someone's interested I add more pics by then.