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  1. ExtractData 0.80 released
  2. Help to script dump
  3. RLVM
  4. Little Busters! Graphic and Audio Extraction
  5. Programmer Request: Tomoyo After PS2
  6. Programmer Request : Tenshi no Inai Juunigatsu
  7. NEXTON LCScriptEngine
  8. Recruiting Programmer: Fortune Arterial (Demo Release)
  9. Looking for Hacker for Little Busters! English Translation
  10. Help with translation (editing the game script)
  11. Alice Soft Translation Tool
  12. New translation project in search of some advice
  13. quick question about kirikiri
  14. crass - a generic rip tool
  15. Clannad French Translation Project
  16. Welcome to the VN hacking/translation forum
  17. [Trash Bin] Where dead posts go...
  18. Air trans help with names
  19. The tools we use....
  20. Question about formal expression in English
  21. ef - the latter tale paz code?
  22. #Denpa's "Who's who" roster
  23. Tears to Tiara English Translation
  24. Little Busters! EX SEEN
  25. H2O Footprints in the sand. REQ help to repack things to *.arc
  26. Recruiting Programmer, possibly Editor- Princess Maker 4
  27. GameViewer tool
  28. 【PS2】 Discs with hidden files
  29. Koisuru otome to Shugo no tate
  30. Script problems with PONScripter
  31. Thoughts/help on reverse engineering a script
  32. Please translate Sharin no Kuni :(
  33. Translation tool - kanjilookup
  34. Where to start?
  35. Collaboration Tool
  36. DLSite Offers Blade Engine
  37. Comic Party Unpacker Tool
  38. Enzai script files
  39. KiriKiri and patch.xp3
  40. Anyway to unpack Devils Devel Concept's files
  41. Help with .ain extraction (source code included)
  42. Extract Script from Never7 (psp version)
  43. NPA format
  44. First post- Using effects in ONScripter
  45. Repacking .pak files
  46. 【PSP】Toradora P! utilities
  47. about minori's *.paz format (especially ef - the latter tale)
  48. Princess Lover
  49. Translation Request: KiriKiri 2 Documents
  50. QLiE Engine *.pack files
  51. Help with Patch Creating
  52. Translator Recruiting - Ashita no Kimi to Autame Ni
  53. Da Capo: Girls Syphony help
  54. Sweet Pool needs an image editor
  55. translation project
  56. Muvluv Translation Tools
  57. Lamune/Tayutama
  58. Text problem....
  59. kirikiri and flash
  60. Haeleth contact.
  61. Recruiting hacker for pastel
  62. Working with Images in .wip Format
  63. New ONScripter version & support site
  64. [deleted]
  65. Image editor needed
  66. Hacker Wanted
  67. PSP - Kanon/Clannad Hacker needed
  68. ONScripter port to MotoLinux
  69. Ever17 for PS2 - differences from PC version
  70. Akatsuki no Goei [Need an Editor]
  71. Help wanted on Ever17.
  72. New Visual-Novel translation group!
  73. Angelic Serenade [script help in need!]
  74. MinDeaD BlooD
  75. Baldr Sky
  76. Looking for tools for Black Cyc games
  77. XP3 file help
  78. extract a dat file
  79. Hacker Have Crass?
  80. Xp3 tools. Help!
  81. Repacking need assage?
  82. Cross Channel Spanish Translation. Help.
  83. .g00 files
  84. Working with Text and Binary
  85. Seirei Tenshou extraction... Protected file!?
  86. AiR Translation Project up for Grabs :)
  87. Popotan Translators needed
  88. Where to get crass?
  89. Need help with inserting translation (ks file) fom TLWiki
  90. Creating g00 files?
  91. ONScripter syntactic error
  92. Kepago Select() Function
  93. Kirikiri Text Translation
  94. Kid Tools GUI (aka KTG) reversing/encrypting
  95. Fate/Stay Night Image Editing - creating XP3 files
  96. Flyable Heart - extracting script
  97. about yks file
  98. After...
  99. Help extracting Little Busters! Ecstasy's script
  100. Reinserting Aquaplus/Leaf scripts
  101. Dies Irae Acta est Fabula Script extraction
  102. For Translation Groups...
  103. Looking for members
  104. yume miru kusuri script
  105. [VN-Sci-Fi]Dispersio
  106. RPG Schools and shenanigans
  107. How can I repack yu-ris script engine's files?
  108. Shin Koihime Musou - Help for script and repack
  109. Fortune Arterial translation project revived. Need more translators please. :P
  110. Translation Project in Need of Programmer
  111. KiriKiri engine and Unicode Fonts in Windows 7
  112. Trying to extract Shitai o Arau's scripts
  113. Looking for artist for VN Project!!!
  114. Developing
  115. Letter from minami repack *.pack archives
  116. ._bp files in BGI .arc
  117. AIR
  118. Peace@pieces! Hacker needed!
  119. Sharin no Kuni Fandisc tools..?
  120. Translation Bounty: Subarashiki Hibi
  121. Translators needed - Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~
  122. Little Witch Romanesque needs Image Editors! <3
  123. Programmers/Hackers Needed
  124. Questions about various things [mostly editing scripts, repacking]
  125. Questions about the FamousWriter engine
  126. KiriKiri game complains about startup.tjs
  127. How to unwrap an embedded KiriKiri game?
  128. Hacker needed for several projects
  129. Shredded images...
  130. Help needed to extend rlBabel's proportional text support
  131. Seeking TL checkers (Never 7)
  132. help with klein script
  133. Looking for VN Artists!
  134. Translation of Biniku no Kaori
  135. Help extract Magus Tale(YU-RIS)'s script files
  136. KiriKiri image convert
  137. New to VN scene, looking for advice
  138. KiriKiri Development Environment[English Version]
  139. Help with extracting Script
  140. Oreimo PSP Staff Wanted
  141. .ks?
  142. Yoake Mae Yori Ruri Iro na Editor Needed
  143. Help with repacking script (Kirikiri)
  144. Eustia script format?
  145. Togainu No Chi PS2/PSP Script Extraction
  146. 11eyes Additional Translator Wanted
  147. Otoboku script problem and looking for advice
  148. St. Crain School - Translator Required
  149. Help repacking encrypted .xp3 and making patch.xp3
  150. Magical Language Lyrical LISP (English)
  151. Help with Milky Holmes PSP
  152. Chinese - English Translator Needed
  153. Hadaka Shitsuji
  154. Looks like AnimED has disappeared from the internet
  155. Reallive help needed
  156. Daylight -Asa ni Hikari no Kan wo- Translation Project
  157. Shingakkou- Noli me Tangere-
  158. Starting Project - [Eroquis!] Dirty Prison Ship
  159. Kirikiri input name problem
  160. Yume Miru Kusuri Scrip Extraction/decryption
  161. Translation project help? (Kisaragi Gold★Star)
  162. Starting my own visual novel!
  163. make patch.xp3 files work with osadai fandisc
  164. Unable to extract script text from nscript.dat
  165. Japanese-english Translator needed - Galaxy angel II
  166. Aoishiro cel image help
  167. About all-age-ifying translations
  168. .ARC help
  169. Help with Buriko General Interpreter limitations.
  170. White Album 2 Bytecode
  171. Amagami Game Translation Project
  172. True Tears Engine?
  173. Seeking Editors and Hacker for Pandora no Yume translation
  174. Help wanted for hacking Dracu-Riot
  175. Hacker needed for Kud Wafter
  176. Some help with Chaos;Head
  177. Oreimo/Haganai PSP - Rinjinbu Looking for JP-EN Translators/TLCs *8/3/13*
  178. Hoshimemo Fandisk Yume Route
  179. Making an exe from kirikiri files?
  180. Yosuga no Sora - translators needed
  181. Request - Kagura engine tools
  182. (X-Change 2) Extract Text, someone know?
  183. Extracting .wolf files?
  184. Problem when making exe kirikiri files?
  185. Newbie Looking for Help Patching a Visual Novel
  186. War of the Human Tanks on Steam Greenlight
  187. (Little Buster) need a hacker for Vietnamese translation project
  188. NScripter2 Hacking
  189. Toradora! Portable [JP-EN translators needed].
  190. Magical Battle Arena Complete Form English Translation Project needs staff!
  191. Starry☆Sky series translators...?
  192. Fate Extra En-Spa need a hacker
  193. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- files
  194. Unpacked and decrypted KIRIKIRI's xp3 file but still running into problems
  195. Repacking problem with AnimED?
  196. Honey Bee script tool
  197. Small Problem with the textgosub function from Ponscripter [Solved]
  198. Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme - Gender Bender Visual Novel/Indiegogo Campaign
  199. How to get the camelia Key of Dies irae~Amantes amentes~
  200. Help! Change the defaut font in Ever17?
  201. 99 Spirits on IndieGoGo and Steam Greenlight
  202. Kirikiri patching troubles
  203. Chu x Chu on the move~ repacking data
  204. Re-packing .pfs file
  205. Help repacking decrypted .xp3 + information for an aspiring vn hacker would be nice
  206. Help with translation!
  207. how would i Repack a .Wip file?
  208. Help with puttext in NScripter
  209. Weird Graphical Errors in XP3 File for Fate/Stay Night
  210. Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment PSP Translation Project
  211. New API hooking tool
  212. Remember11 .BIP format
  213. exe patch for desire dungeon
  214. RealliveMax SDK
  215. Sengoku Rance Change font
  216. How to hack a VN (Extracting/Insertion etc.)
  217. AliceSoft System 3.9 Decompiler/Compiler
  218. Help with a translation
  219. why I can`t see the text?
  220. Need help regarding .po files
  221. Hacker needed for the game Ozmafia!! ?
  222. YU-RIS engine hacking
  223. Kamisama (Kari) script hacking
  224. AE - VN Tools Github Release
  225. The Infinity Series Engine Reimplementation (archived)
  226. Need (especially hacker) help for Fureraba Translation Project
  227. New Honey Bee Script Tool
  228. Witch's Garden engine
  229. how to determine what visual novel engine does a visual novel use?
  230. How to extract scripts from an .arc file ?
  231. TVP KIRIKIRI 2 core game hacking help
  232. Witch's Garden Translation help
  233. Artemis Blue - data extraction
  234. Put translation into the game
  235. Osu Mesu - Data extraction & insertion
  236. Getting started with "Aria The Origination ~Aoi Hoshi no Il Cielo~"
  237. A question about rlBabel and RLDev Kit
  238. [Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete] xp3 either encrypted or corrupt output files?
  239. Need hack help with ps3 game for translation
  240. Buriko General Interpreter - changing font size
  241. worldescortspag
  242. poojasharmaji